Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fernando Fusco Italian Artist Dead

Dead, Fernando Fusco took a shot at numerous comic book preparations for the French and English business, working in changing classes like sentiment and western. He made his presentation in 1948 with the arrangement 'Jeff Cooper', that was distributed by Chiavari. Amid his military administration he worked for Il Vittorioso. A short time later, in 1955, he moved to France, where he went to work for the Versions Mondiales. After a few appearances in Hurrah!, he made comic adjustments of books in Paris Diary Junior/Paris Jour. For the Intermonde office, he adjusted Victor Hugo's 'L'Homme qui Rit' under the nom de plume, and in addition 'Universe A 2200', that was composed by Claude Vaincourt and distributed in L'Union.

From 1958, he was available in L'Intrépide with 'Commado du Quiet' (script by Georges Sandier), 'Privateers du Ciel', 'La Flèche Brisée' and the brave science arrangement 'Scott Darnal'. The recent was later proceeded in Mireille. Likewise for Mireille, he made 'Magali', one of his couple of entertaining works. From 1960, he added to La Savvy and delivered arrangement like 'Aigle Noir', "Bonanza" and 'Willie West'. He was likewise present in Lisette with "Cendrine" (script by Cendrine Rochemond) and "Espéranza" (script by Montaubert).

What's more, he worked for the English market through the Sanctuary Workmanship Office, concentrating principally on sentiment stories. In 1970, he made a rebound in his local Italy, and began the arrangement 'Solitary Wolf' and 'I Due dell'Apocalisse' with Luigi Grecchi in Intrepido of the distributed house Universo. From 1973, he was a piece of Bonelli's group of craftsmen that took a shot at 'Tex Willer' stories. Fusco worked solely on this character until 2010, when he chose to concentrate on painting. With almost 7,000 pages on his name, Fusco's rendition is one of the best-adored among 'Tex Willer' fans.

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