Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Ian George, Australian Anglican prelate, Died at 84

Ian Gordon Combe George was born on August 13, 1934, and died on January 29, 2019.

He was the third Archbishop of Adelaide and Metropolitan of South Australia from 1991 to 2004.

He was taught at St Peter's College, Adelaide and the University of Adelaide After a prior vocation as a legal counselor, he was appointed a minister in 1964.

He held curacies at St Thomas's, Mamaroneck and St David's, Burnside; and was then minister in control at St Barbara's, Woomera.

After this, he was a cleric and teacher in history at the University of Western Australia.

He was Dean of Brisbane from 1973 to 1981 when he moved toward becoming Archdeacon of Canberra.

In 1989, George was named an associate diocesan of the bishopric and in 1991 was meant Adelaide.

He was appointed five ladies to the organization on 5 December 1992 at St Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide.

In 2004, he surrendered from the job of ecclesiastical overseer due to misusing of sex misuse claims.

He was hitched to Barbara George He relocated to Melbourne following his acquiescence as Archbishop of Adelaide.

He endured a stroke in late 2018, and another in mid 2019.

Ian George passed away at 84 years old.

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